LoungeXperiences has a vision of taking Customer Experience to new heights by transforming Airport Lounges into Premium Brand Experience Platforms. We support Airports, Airlines and Lounge Operators in developing Innovative Airport Lounge Concepts that expose Premium Travelers to Exclusive Brand Experiences in the comfort of an Airport Lounge setting while waiting to catch a flight.

We offer our services to Premium and Luxury Brands from Automotive and Lifestyle Industries to help them connect and engage with their target audience in the exclusive setting of Airport Lounges and take one more step towards implementing their Future Retail Strategies. LoungeXperiences was founded by passionate persons who are driven to deliver a very specific and focused service on ideating and designing a unique and consequent customer centric lounge experience strategy.

With the bundled experiences ranging from Airport Lounge Innovation to strategic design of Future Retail and Customer Experience from the automotive industry, LoungeXperiences brings extensive knowledge and expertise in Customer Experience and a proven track record in designing innovative business models based on solid business case.

Our aim is to become the preferred partner for Airports, Airlines and Lounge Operators when it comes to developing lounge strategies and ideating innovative lounge concepts.



Services LoungeXperiences offers to Airports, Airlines and Independent Lounge Operators:

✓ Benchmark study to identify award winning trends on Airport Lounges
✓ Ideation of innovative Airport Lounge Concepts
✓ Identification of Premium Brands to partner with
✓ Possibility to enroll in LoungeXperiences’ Partnership Platform (LXPP)

Services LoungeXperiences offers to Premium Automotive and Lifestyle Brands:

✓ Ideation of innovative Airport Lounge Concepts
✓ Selection of brand specific Airport Lounges to partner with
✓ Development of brand specific Airport Lounge Networks
✓ Identification of complementary partners for Airport Lounges
✓ Possibility to enroll in LoungeXperiences’ Partnership Platform (LXPP)